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CRIMA's CR60 light is a full signposting device.
With its 82 mm diameter, it is rather intended for
small vehicles and industrial and agricultural machines.

Refracting surface is made of polymetacrylate (PMMA),
which is mass colored to provide both a very good light
diffusion and a stable color through time.

The black colored case, is made of ABS shock, and is designed
to resist extreme vibrations. With connectors and steel bulbs
supports, the CR61 fulfills CRIMA's quality.

The CR60 light is to be set at the back (left and right sides) of
small vehicles, vans, trucks and trailers, using 2 M6 bolts
(see diagram).
  Lighting requires:   - 1 R19/5 5W bulb
- 1 5W tube bulb
The CR60 standard protection mould (CR65) is orange and red colored with a small window for the plate lighting. CRIMA also manufactures completely red, white, orange, or mixed protection moulds so as to satisfy all customers' preferences.

You can also choose to order it with its plate lighting window or not (see photo).

CRIMA's round lights (small size) are available under the
following references and packages :
Full deviceProtection mould Full deviceProtection mould
Side/Brake lights (Red) CR60/1CR65/16025
Flashing light (Orange)CR60/2CR65/26025
Rear light (White)CR60/3CR65/36025
Mixed (Red/White)CR60/4CR65/46025
Mixed (Orange/White)CR60/5CR65/56025
To order the CR60/CR65 or for any further information,
please use our customers' form.

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