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La ménagère® est une marque déposée par Crima®

The kitchen... the place where the housewife spends most of her time. As cooking depends above all on kitchen utensils, CRIMA has developed very ergonomic items that makes this sometimes boring task very easy and particularly enjoyable. Please feel free to click on any photograph to better view the corresponding item. For further information, please use our customers' form.
Rainbow beakers
CR89 (3 pieces) - 33cl
Rainbow beakers
CR83 (6 pieces) - 33cl
CR28 - 25 cl
CR78 - 4 lt - Ø320
CR04 - 50 cl
AM universal grater
CR26 - 200x140
Version française
Arabic version
Cheese grater
CR70 - 230x140
NM universal grater
CR71 - 230x140
Lemon squeezer
CR75 - 50 cl
Water jug
CR52 - 1.5 lt
Jug lid
CR88 - 1.5 lt
Decorated jug
CR81 - 2 lt
Measuring jug
CR80 - 2 lt
CR12 - 12 unités
CR19 - 2 pieces model
CR01 - Ø220
CR34 - 100 unités
Salad spinner
445 - 4.5 lt
Sugar bowl
CR82 - Ø128
Crystal glass
CR46 - 25 cl
ABS Glass
CR47 - 25 cl
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