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Crima currently markets 6 different models of reflectors in terms of size, form and level of protection. The retro-reflective material is made of polymetacrylate (PMMA) ), which is mass colored to provide both a very good light diffusion and a stable color through time.

Reflectors are to be set by means of either a M6 bolt or a sticker (depending on the model).

Here are the six reflector models according to their size,
reference and reflection surface.

   L=162 X H=142/ 115 cm
Because of its big size (height=14cm),
the triangle is intended to be used for
large vehicles.

L=48 X H=22/ 10,6 cm
CR 35 / CR 36
are available with
bolt or stickers.

ext 30/3,5 cm
ext 80/38,5 cm
specifically designed for
the most frequently
damaged vehicle parts.
This item shows a bulge in
PEBD that protects the reflector
from shocks.
Version franaise
Arabic version
ext 95/31 cm
nice and easy to use,
the reflector with no protective
layer fulfill a wide range
of motorists and truckers needs.
ext 60/18 cm
Safety is a major daily concern for CRIMA. Kids on their way to school, cyclists, hikers need to be clearly visible and quickly identified by motorists! Being easy to stick, whether on their school bags, back packs or their bicycles, self-adhesive CRIMA reflectors will protect their lives.
Let them be safe !
ModelReference(mm)(mm)Surface (cm)Quantity (units/box)
Triangle/Big sizeCR11L = 162h = 14211565
Protective layer/Big sizeCR09ext = 95utile = 6331200
No protective layer/Big sizeCR48ext = 80utile = 7038.5200
Medium size CR10ext = 60utile = 4818700
Rectangular (available bolt/sticker)/Small sizeCR35L = 48h = 2210.61800
Round (available bolt/sticker) CR36ext = 30utile = 213.51800
Every model is available under the following colors :

To order or for any further information,
please use our customers' form.

Conception : VITAMINEDZ