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CRIMA's CR69 light is a mixed white and red sidelight (in its standard version).

The protection mould (marketed under ref.CR72) is made of polymetacrylate (PMMA). As for all CRIMA's lights, the various parts are welded by ultrasounds and not stuck. Beware of counterfeiting !

Very easy setting is made possible by a flexible PVC plate. The CR69 light is used to signal the vehicle dimension.

  Lighting requires :   - 1 C11 5W bulb
CRIMA's sidelights are available under the
following references and packages :
Full deviceProtection mouldFull deviceProtection mould
(Red and white)
Full white deviceCR69/1CR72/1300100
Full red deviceCR69/2CR72/2300100
To order the CR69/CR72 or for any further information,
please use our customers' form.

Conception : VITAMINEDZ