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The CRIMA's CR77 signposting triangle, is resistant,
compact and essential. Refracting surface is made
of polymetacrylate (PMMA), which is mass colored
to provide both a very good light diffusion and a
stable color through time.

Thanks to CRIMA's know-how, both sturdiness and
compactness are combined in the CR77. Sturdiness
is provided by the use of noble material, a stable base,
and a snap-fastener. On the other hand, the CR77 is reduced
to very small dimensions 44 x 11 x 4.5 cm3 (see photograph) .
The signposting triangle is used to warn of a vehicle breakdown. According to the highway code, 2 triangles have to be placed, at a certain distance (100m on an A road and 200m on a motorway), behind and in front of the vehicle in order to inform motorists in plenty of time.
The CR77 is available under an 18 triangles per box packaging.

To order the CR77 or for any further information,
please use our customers' form.

Conception : VITAMINEDZ